Is the way parents partner with teachers changing?

As a parent, I’ve had a chance to work with our PTO leaders and families in my daughter’s school to help start a dialogue about “partnerships”.   As parents, we began to discuss our ideals about the ways in which they’d like to partner with teachers to better support all of our kids’ education.  We began to learn more about the way family-school partnerships were evolving in the process.   We also learned that we needed to take a step back to share our values and beliefs about partnering with our teachers.  If you’re curious, take a look at our presentation to faculty and families.  View 21st-century-partnerships presentation.


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  1. Sarah
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 17:59:54

    I provide leadership for the 4-H youth development program, attached to the University of Vermont Extension. 4-H develops life and job skills by providing meaningful opportunities through youth to learn, discover, and participate in hands-on activities through a number of different delivery modes. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, we are not just focused on agricultural education. 4-H offers inquiry based, hands-on learning curriculum and programs in over 100 topic areas, all of which boil down to 3 main categories – science, engineering and technology, healthy living education, and citizenship.

    We offer a number of programs and training on curriculum for classroom teachers, afterschool program providers and community volunteers. Currently, we’re working on training our volunteers to be intentional about pointing out SET abilities (21st century job skills like measuring, analyzing, problem solving, hypothesizing) any type of activity, to help create awareness that our youth are actually learning science type skills in almost everything they do.

    Many of our partner organizations or internal programs also help to provide real world experiences for subject matters taught in the classroom, be it farm visits, water quality testing, renewable energy studies and more.

    Most of everything we do is in partnership with others – be it other staff at youth serving organizations or through volunteers. Our stength is taking cutting edge technology and research developed at land grant universities across the country and apply it through our programs and training. Check it out! or locally at


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