Students as teachers

I’ve recently heard two TED talks that gave “meat” to the idea of students as teachers.  Listening to twelve-year old Adora Svitak talk about “What Adults Can Learn From Kids” re-awakened in me the desire to tune in to the wisdom of children in thinking about how our schools need to evolve.

The second TED talk on “The Child-Driven Education“, given by Sugata Mitra, goes even further into the world of what’s possible.   Mitra demonstrates kids’ potential to COLLABORATIVELY tap into the power of technology to teach themselves and direct their own learning. A critical finding seems to be the importance of kids working together in groups of 4-5 with one computer.  His projects take place in communities around the world (including many of the poorest) .  Mitra defines the concept of “Minimally Invasive Education – a pedagogic method that uses the learning environment to generate an adequate level of motivation to induce learning in groups of children, with minimal, or no, intervention by a teacher (”    Mitra’s tagline  “Lighting the Spark for Learning” really sums up the ultimate goal.


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